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Blanca is a native of Mexico.  She earned a degree in education from Mexico, and an electrical engineering degree from UNM. After retiring from the FBI as senior language analyst, she opened a private language school in SA, TX.        

The Monarch Butterfly

LA MARIPOSA MONARCA Cada otoño entre los meses de noviembre y marzo, millones de pequeños y coloridos insectos voladores, la mariposas monarcas, llevan a cabo un proceso de migración desde Canadá y Los Estados Unidos hasta los bosques del centro de México. El Santuario del Rosario es uno de los cinco santuarios más populares en […]


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In many Latin American countries, this Quinceañera celebration represented the transition from childhood to a young womanhood. In ancient times, girls were prepared to be married by the age of fifteen. Thus, they were taught to cook, weave and child-rearing techniques, in preparation for this milestone. After the thanksgiving mass, guests and family gather to […]