The Monarch Butterfly

LA MARIPOSA MONARCA Cada otoño entre los meses de noviembre y marzo, millones de pequeños y coloridos insectos voladores, la mariposas monarcas, llevan a cabo un proceso de migración desde Canadá y Los Estados Unidos hasta los bosques del centro de México. El Santuario del Rosario es uno de los cinco santuarios más populares en […]

Christmas in Mexico

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  In many countries, the upcoming of Christmas is recognized by the 12 Days of Christmas. In Mexico, the nine days of Posadas leading up to Christmas Eve, Nochebuena, (Good Night, Holy Night) are observed. These festivities continue through January 6, Día de Reyes (Three Wise Kings). Posada means lodging, or shelter. Christmas in Mexico is […]


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In many Latin American countries, this Quinceañera celebration represented the transition from childhood to a young womanhood. In ancient times, girls were prepared to be married by the age of fifteen. Thus, they were taught to cook, weave and child-rearing techniques, in preparation for this milestone. After the thanksgiving mass, guests and family gather to […]