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Learning Spanish should be fun and inexpensive! Espanol 4 All is the place! Blanca Hernandez, retired FBI linguist, is the perfect Spanish Teacher!

icon_03350 Sayings and Proverbs

350 popular Saying and Proverbs in Spanish and their English equivalent. These sayings have been passed down from generation to generation over the centuries. They are easy-to-memorize phrases that depict wisdom.

icon_03Children’s Stories

27 real-life Stories depicting different stages in the lives of several 2nd generation U.S. born children, from the time they were babies to the present. These stories focus on building self-esteem, teaching values, and appreciation for the family unit.

icon_03Bingo (Frijolito Game)

Traditional Frijolito game to help you increase your vocabulary. This downloadable 12-players card game includes 144 common words. The first player to complete a diagonal, vertical, or horizontal line and shouts Frijolito is the winner.


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