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Our Story

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Our Mission

story_03To provide a means to communicate when the need is immediate and the person does not have the luxury of learning a second language slowly.

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Our Vision

story_03To become the go-to multimedia platform for people who do not have the option to learn a second language over the long term. Through an online multimedia platform, Español4all will offer a variety of tools, online classes, and activities available 24/7.

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Our Story

story_03After I retired from the FBI as a Senior Language Analyst, my husband (a former federal executive) and I embarked on a journey to develop a language curriculum that would enable English speakers to learn Spanish fast and enjoyably. We created a series of courses that were practical, engaging, and easy to understand. Our course material goes beyond the common practice of teaching people loose words and phrases. We tailored our lessons around the language associated with the particular profession, trade, or endeavor of the individual.

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Meet Our Team

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